Wynnstay Rd

with McBride Charles Ryan

This private residence had been under construction for five years when I first began at McBride Charles Ryan. The drawn out construction period enabled it to become a site for research and architectural experimentation.

Working closely with my directors, the first task that I completed on this job was the realisation of the ripple ceiling. The ceiling was conceived as capturing the effect of a series of water droplets positioned in areas of energy and activity within the house. The ripples were created out of comb shaped sheets interlocking to form larger panels. I was responsible for checking and coordinating documentation, resolving details, and working very closely with the manufacturer throughout construction and through to installation.

Exploded axonometric detail of ceiling prototype Photograph of ceiling during construction, September 2012 Perspective plan view of ceiling prototype Photograph of completed ceiling, September 2012 Elevation of individual baffle element Sectional details