The Quays

with McBride Charles Ryan

The Quays is a complex apartment building involving a variety of public, semi-public and private programmes and spaces which accompany a large-scale, contemporary housing development. The Quays is crafted and shaped to arouse a feeling of vibrancy and dynamism through daring combinations of texture, pattern, material and colour. A high level of detail is executed in many aspects of the building to surprise and delight.

Whilst I worked very briefly on late-stage design resolution, my involvement on this project was dominated by daily architectural defects inspections of approximately 300 apartments, common areas, back of house areas and public zones. As the principal employee located on site full-time for over four months, I also became a representative to the project architect to assess and report upon the validity of claims made by the builder. Working on an active building site of such size and complexity taught me many practical aspects about construction, the reality of building techniques, the speed of construction and the constraints of managing sequencing.

— Awarded AIA Victoria Award for Residential Architecture Multiple Housing, 2014
— Awarded AIA Victoria Marion Mahony Award for Interior Architecture, 2014
— Awarded Dulux Grand Prix Award, 2014
— Awarded Dulux Award for Multi Residential Exterior, 2014
— Awarded Dulux Award for Multi Residential Interior, 2014
Photograph of waterside-facing apartments by Tim Lee Ground Floor Plan Photograph of apartment interior by Diana Snape Photograph of city-side apartments by John Gollings Photograph of resident’s pool by Diana Snape