Ivy St

with Sam Jacobs Studio

Konstantin Melnikov's house for himself, built in 1929, is an internationally regarded project for its role in advancing inter-disciplinary practice in architecture. The early twentieth-century house merges political, social, and economic context with references to literature, art, and theatre. Melnikov, an avant-garde figure often associated with the constructivist movement, was excluded from practicing architecture in his native home of Russia due to his refusal to conform to the Stalinist architectural style. As such, Melnikov received a cult following for his ‘alien’ status. He is celebrated as an architect and individual who operated outside of boundaries and defended his own principles.

The proposed project, located in Shoreditch, is a residence for post-modern designer Sam Jacobs. It borrows programmatic, schematic, and stylistic elements from Melnikov’s house. It works within the confines of a former Victorian pub facade, which now accomodates a family centre, to be redeveloped and retained on ground floor. The house is a homage to the late visionary architect and is indicative of Jacobs' perceived position of his own role within contemporary practice.

Axonometric drawing Perspective view Perspective view