Hold the T-shirt

under supervision of Peter Corrigan at RMIT University

Over the fourteen weeks of Peter Corrigan’s design studio, Hold the T-shirt, each student produced:

— Fifteen designs for a housing project to accommodate 600 people, typically involving a site plan, relevant floor plans, 2x sections and 4x elevations. Eleven of the fifteen designs were completed with a rotating partner from the class and four were completed individually.
— Fifty additional drawings, including studies of buildings and people.
— Twenty-two 500 word essays, typically on topics such as current affairs and cultural events.
— Four scaled balsa wood models of other architect’s buildings.
— Five balsa wood maquettes, usually abstract representations of films and news articles.
— Five exercises in lettering, training for the hand.

Maquette built in Week One, based on the New York Times article ‘Finding the Then in a Suite of Songs from Now’ Exploded axonometric of modular housing scheme designed in Week Seven with partner Simon Linardi